Pensacola Shooter Identified As A Saudi National Training In Aviation

Written by Wes Walker on December 6, 2019

Well, this would explain why they were dancing around questions about the killer’s identity. It opens up a whole OTHER set of questions… including whether there was a terror motive.

As we reported earlier today, a Naval Air Station at Pensacola was on lockdown after someone on base opened fire at about 8 in the morning.

Shortly after that, we were tending to survivors and trying to discover the facts about what really happened. Here is the short version.

Our reporting on the events can be found here: BREAKING: Multiple Fatalities & Injuries After Shooting In Pensacola Naval Air Station

While some rushed to judgment about how this was evidence of a pattern with our armed forces, a problem that reflected badly on them, we reserved judgment until we had more information. After all, we didn’t even know whether the guy pulling the trigger was military or civilian.

We’ve since learned more about the man. He was part of the military but — and here’s the twist — he was NOT part of OUR military. He’s a foreign national.

He was a Saudi National named Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, and now he’s killed three and wounded eight others.

Well great. That’ll complicate things.

Now it’s not just a question of whether this is some shmuck with a grudge and a death wish. Now we have to wonder if he killed people to satisfy the dictates of an evil religiopolitical mandate, too.

It’s not as though any OTHER Saudi pilots receiving training in Florida have ever indicated hostile intent to Americans… oh, wait.

Alshamrani was a “Saudi Air Force member,” NBC reported. The New York Times called him “Second Lt. Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani.” Metro UK reported that Alshamrani “was in the US learning how to fly American aircraft sold to the Saudi Arabian army.” — Heavy

Matt Gaetz isn’t pulling any punches on what HE thinks happened here:

Or what we should do about it: