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Progressives Are Painting A Target On Preachy Pete Buttigieg’s Back

These blue-on-blue attacks are probably the only enjoyable aspect of these tedious Democrat primaries.

Even the media haven’t agreed on who their golden child is yet, so you never know who is going to get a couple of calculated swipes in on candidates who stand in the way of a local favorite.

For all the fawning praise the first openly gay Dem candidate received early on when he was just some longshot outsider, it didn’t take long for him to acquire some enemies. Should that really surprise us though? For all their talk about being ideologically lockstep on all ‘intersectional’ issues that play to special interest groups, the left is actually more united around common enemies than they are around common consensus.

Movements grounded in grievances are fragile indeed, especially if you are trying to cobble together different aggrieved groups.

Now that he’s looking like a serious contender, Preachy Pete is feeling the heat over exactly those conflicting priorities.

Top liberal leaders from multiple organizations are independently crafting strategies that center around three prongs: a heightened focus on Buttigieg’s checkered record on race in South Bend, Ind., his little-known work at the McKinsey consulting firm and an argument that his tempered policy proposals align with the wishes of large corporations.

…“My expectation is that as he gets more scrutiny, he’ll come down. He has liabilities as a candidate,” said Joe Dinkin, the campaigns director for the Working Families Party, which endorsed Elizabeth Warren in September. “I think Pete is not going to hold up well to the scrutiny.”
Source: McClatchyDC

Bernie Sanders supporters will be training their sights on Pete’s College Affordability Plan, while Bernie Bros will rally against him over criminal justice, police brutality and housing issues.

If he ever imagined that being the standard-bearer of the Rainbow Flag would keep the Democrat attacks at bay, he would have clearly underestimated just how divided this party’s rival factions really are.


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