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The Old Misdirection Play

These last two weeks in college football were critical to the colleges that will be playing for various conference championships. At least one of the highlight reels had a classic misdirection play. All game long the tail back is tossed the ball by the quarterback and then runs to the right or left trying to breakaway and go for a big run. But in this trick play, the quarterback tosses the ball to the running back and he moves to the right. Instead of continuing to run he stops, plants his feet and passes the ball to a wide-open receiver who goes for long distance and in some cases, scores the touchdown and wins the game.

For many of you this is already more than you want to know about college football and you want to know what this has to do with what the Democrats have been doing for the last three plus years. The misdirection is to distract you the American voters from focusing on the real issue, which is election interference.

The deep state knew they were in serious trouble on election night November 8, 2016. Because of the Hillary loss, they were potentially in very serious legal trouble, and so was the soon to be former boss, President Obama. It was possible that all the things they had done to try and stop the election of Donald Trump, potentially, were going to come out, and the former President could be implicated in all the wrongdoing and perhaps indicted by a grand jury. Here is an example of that misdirection: First, Hunter Biden gets a job in the Ukraine with a major natural gas provider, Burisma Holdings. He knows nothing about energy, but gets a board position weeks after his dad, the vice-president, blackmails the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor in exchange for $1 billion in foreign aid.

The Democrats are accusing President Trump of trying to bring about a foreign investigation of an American presidential candidate, Joe Biden, so that Trump can knock him out of the race. Trump’s actions with the Ukrainian president hopefully will reduce the field of contenders and increase his chances for reelection. Here’s the misdirection: The Democrats want us to focus on President Trump trying to find dirt on Joe, instead of Ukraine reporting what they were doing to assist Hillary and the Democratic National Committee to defeat Trump. The Democrats used the fake report from the Steele dossier, which was used to secure at least four FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign and private American citizens. All the House committee can focus on now is that Trump was using Ukraine to try and get dirt on Uncle Joe.

The Democrats do not want an investigation of their Ukrainian involvement in trying to influence the outcome of the 2016 American Presidential election. The Democrats tell us nothing here, rather, look over here at President Trump who tried to bribe the new Ukrainian government in exchange for dirt on Joe Biden. Before we go any further, please click on this link to hear Joe Biden brag about his blackmailing of the Ukrainian government.  You cannot watch this video and not come away with what the former VP said was a quid pro quo. Let’s just stop for a moment and look at the definition of a quid pro quo; in a word, it is a bribe.

When you tell someone you have to do this or you will not get money; plain and simple, you are offering a bribe and possibly blackmail. The Democrats want you to ignore what happened about their dealings; rather, they want you to focus on what they are saying, without proof, about Trump. They are distracting you away from reality.

The impeachment proceedings now move to the House Judiciary Committee with Adam Schiff being replaced by Jerry Nadler. Nadler didn’t do well with the Mueller Testimony and I don’t think the Judiciary hearings will be as drawn out as the Schiff hearings. I also do not believe that Nadler will have any bombshells that were held back from the Schiff committee. Instead, go Christmas shopping. It will be more interesting and rewarding.

Perkins Twist, Congress has been in recess with members back to their districts to see how their constituents feel about impeachment. We will have a good idea early on their return, and my guess is many elected officials have found a diminishing interest in the impeachment of the president. Look for decreasing interest in an impeachment vote, with people saying we will have the impeachment vote in less than 12 months at the ballot box. The Democrats are fearful of the outcome of that impeachment vote. The reality for the Democrats is that they are fearful of either vote. I don’t think the Democrats have the 218 votes necessary to pass a bill of impeachment.

Here is the one thing the Democrats never counted on: that is the Republicans growing a backbone and a willingness to fight for truth, justice, and the American way.