SMOKING GUN: Rudy G Found Ukranian Accounting Records From 2017… Obama & Biden Have Some ‘Splaining To Do

Written by Wes Walker on December 23, 2019

Some 2017 accounting records just might blow up key Democrat talking points about Ukranian Corruption, Biden, and their new favorite Ambassador.

Nadler and Schiff made a special effort to frame any interest Trump had in rooting out Ukranian corruption as some sort of a conspiracy theory.

Trump, on the other hand, claimed he was interested in making sure American taxpayer money wasn’t being completely wasted in a corrupt system. It looks like he had VERY good reason to be asking those questions, since BILLIONS of dollars had been wasted not long ago.

However hard they have been working to discredit Guliani, some primary source documents have turned up that have nothing to do with Guliani himself.

It also points to a very real reason why the President’s personal lawyer might have legitimate reason to be in Ukraine — the same country where Nellie Orr has told us some of the dirt against Trump had first originated, and also the country where bogus claims against his campaign manager were first floated.

What did Rudy find?

Ukrainians had located $5.3 Billion in foreign aid that was being misspent. About 80% of it came from American taxpayers.

Ukrainians began an investigation into it, and he is reporting that two people from the US embassy came by to tell them NOT to investigate it.

It’s looking like Ukraine was being used as a flow-through to NGOs. And where you see political NGOs, you can be sure the Left’s favorite Nazi-collaborating billionaire Sugar-Daddy is smack in the middle of it.

Did Biden know about this? Did Obama?

Was Ukraine just being used as a convenient slush fund for Democrats to fund Democrat-friendly activist groups?

Do we need a RICO investigation into this?