Katie Hopkins Roasting Freedom Center Crowd Is Comedy Gold (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on December 23, 2019

And this fearless chick reminds Republicans about some natural advantages we have over the Left.

We still have a sense of humor.

And this is why we’ll win.

Check out this short clip and you’ll see why the Left keeps trying to ‘cancel’ her, and the right sees her as an unstoppable force of nature.

Not surprisingly, she’s a fan of our President, too.

I mean really, who stands up talks like her anymore?

Some might claim it’s a good thing that we are far more ‘careful’ and ‘nuanced’ in our speech, and don’t say things that will offend.

All that really means is that people are afraid to speak our minds forthrightly.

Want to see the whole video? Catch it here:

Good to see that not EVERYONE in the UK has been completely muzzled.

If her name seems familiar, you may remember her from the debates, or some of the other times her outspoken nature has melted snowflakes:

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