So Cringy: Team Bloomberg Unveils ‘Dance’ To Rival Team Buttigieg’s Dance

Written by Wes Walker on December 13, 2019

Because what could possibly say ‘man of the people’ more than using an 8-year-old pop song?

Preachy Mayor Pete isn’t the only candidate that can get his supporters to do a silly dance in support of him.

You’ve probably seen that train wreck earlier this year:

Now Mayor Bloomberg’s got one too!

Maybe it’s a ‘Mayor’ thing, and we just ‘wouldn’t understand’?

Maroon Five’s ‘Moves Like Jagger’ is fresh and hip. Especially when you awkwardly overdub Bloomberg’s name over Jagger’s.

And are they SERIOUSLY calling themselves ‘Bloomberg-Heads’? Even Bill Clinton wouldn’t have touched a nickname like that one… it’s too ‘on the nose’.

These ‘Bloomberg-Heads’ probably think they’re doing a great job of signaling excitement, youth and energy.

The ‘swim’ move they adapted makes the BETO adaptation of YMCA look damn-near cutting edge.

Meanwhile, all this scribbler of words can see is Dr. Evil doing the Macarena:

Connecting with the public is supposed to get them laughing WITH you and not AT you, right?

Is this really the best marketing money can buy?


Bloomberg might want to ask for a refund.