FusionGPS Founder Just Wrote Op-Ed Blaming RUSSIA For Boris’s UK Win — No This Isn’t Satire

Written by Wes Walker on December 13, 2019

The guy whose fingerprints are ALL over the discredited Russian Collusion Hoax is now ginning up efforts to undermine the UK election results.

Give him credit, he’s either very brave or very stupid to try running this gambit again.

Perhaps he expects the same elitist UK culture that once threw a guy in prison for trying to report on a racially-sensitive child sexual abuse conspiracy will shield him from any real scrutiny.

Or maybe he hopes the world is still credulous enough to believe him.

They might have been at one time. But the more we learn about his prominent role in helping perpetuate a fraud that launched a process of weaponizing law enforcement and intelligence agencies against a political candidate selected by the will of the American people, the less likely his poisonous lies are to take effect.

How might you describe Glen Simpson’s role in politics to someone who doesn’t follow politics or really care? Easy. You’d compare him to this guy:

Simpson is rather like Wormtongue — from the Lord Of The Rings movies.

He isn’t a man of action, exactly, he’s more of a man who carries out his corrupting work through carefully-crafted poisonous lies that drive the actions of others.

Which brings us to today.

Before the British people even had a chance to cast their vote, Wormtongue was looking to derail ANOTHER set of election results, and hamstring Boris Johnson’s ability to govern.

Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch penned an editorial published in the The Guardian, a British newspaper, asserting Russia was behind the triumphant re-election of Brexit-supporting conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Simpson and Fritsch are now urging the British government to launch an investigation into Russian interference in its elections mirroring the size and scale of the U.S. Robert Mueller probe, a two-year investigation studying the Russian collusion conspiracy theory that did irreparable harm to the United States and was based on a web of lies.

“Britain needs its own Mueller report on Russian ‘interference,’” the editors titled the article.

“The British political system has become thoroughly compromised by Russian influence,” Simpson and Fritsch declared. “In 2016, both the United Kingdom and the United States were the targets of Russian efforts to swing their votes. The aim was to weaken the alliances that had constrained Vladimir Putin’s ambitions, such as the European Union and NATO.”
Source: Federalist

But his actions here in the U.S. obviously backfired, exposing corruption in the highest levels of the Obama administration and his DOJ, into which Durham is now conducting a CRIMINAL investigation.

What is the solution to the Wormtongues of the world?

Break their power by exposing their evil deeds. And deprive them of any audience for their lies.