UK Elections: Boris Landslide FishSlaps British Globalist Elites… And It Wasn’t Even Close

Written by Wes Walker on December 13, 2019

Hey Swamp, pay attention. You’re next!

The Anti-Semitic guy AOC had personally endorsed just got humiliated in the final results.

The trend of ordinary people taking back the reigns of government from upper-class elitists who presume to know what’s ‘best for us’ is spreading.

After several years of ‘experts’ failing to fulfill the public’s mandate to get the UK the hell out of the EU, the voters there got sick of the dithering and gave a strong mandate to the British answer to Donald Trump.

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Even Boris’s campaign ad slapped against the usual elites and reached out to what has come to be called in America ‘the forgotten man’.

Boris Johnson’s Conservatives are set to win a huge majority in the United Kingdom’s general election, according to the official UK exit poll published on Thursday evening.

The nationwide poll conducted on behalf of Britain’s major broadcasters indicates that Johnson is on course to win an 64 seat majority.

If correct, it would suggest that the Conservatives are heading for their biggest majority since Margaret Thatcher in 1987 and be Labour’s worst result in nearly 100 years.
Source: Yahoo

Sometimes you can say it’s nothing personal.

But probably not in this time. It doesn’t help any that Corbyn is a raging anti-Semite.

He’s a Socialist AND a laughingstock.

And AOC endorsed the guy.

We can hardly wait for her ‘kiss of death’ to do as much for her party’s fortunes as it did for their Labour Party.




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