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OOPS! Joy Behar Says That The Anti-Semitic Jersey City Shooters Were ‘White Nationalists’

Leftist blinders close their eyes to anything that does not fit neatly within the accepted narrative, including the fact that every demographic is capable of bigotry.

The knee-jerk assumption of the Left is that any racially-motivated act is ‘obviously’ done by some seething white guy.

After hearing about the racially-motivated killing in Jersey City, without even looking into the facts of the case, Joy Behar ran off half-cocked and echoed her party’s standard rant against racist white devils.

There’s one problem with that. The murderous racists were actually BLACK. Even MORE ironically, these were the same racist movement that had been harassing the Nick Sandmann and the Covington Kids earlier this year.

Behar — insistent on leading [Guest co-host Chris] Christie into saying that the attack was because of white nationalism — added, “Yes. You will concede that the nationals — these white nationalists have been let out of their holes.”

No one on the show pointed out that the suspects were not white.
Source: Blaze

Here are their photos, do they really look like they’ve got Klan robes hanging in their closet?

Joy wasn’t the only kneejerk race-baiter here.

Rashida Tlaib was quick to point fingers, too:

Maybe someone could show these two small-minded bigots a video of a Jewish man who went to the scene of the killing while it was still on lockdown and encountered a group of locals who were VICIOUSLY anti-Semitic. (Spoiler: they weren’t white.)

SICK: Shocking Video Of Jersey City Residents Blaming VICTIMS Immediately After Anti-Semitic Shooting

And maybe they could look into the New York Times articles that have been forced to acknowledge that there has a sharp uptick in anti-Jewish crime — and what demographic that violence and vandalism has been connected to… it might just surprise them.

Meanwhile, Nick Sandmann — who was the object of serious abuse from the Left — was the picture of grace and class:

Covington Teen Nick Sandmann Tweets About Jersey City Shooting

The original story, for those who may have missed it, can be found here:

BREAKING: New Jersey Shooter Associated With Hate Group That Harassed Covington Kids

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