WATCH: Bro Does Some Wicked Tricks On A Skateboard — The Catch Is He’s BLIND

Written by Wes Walker on December 3, 2019

While college kids fight over who has the most ‘victim’ street cred, this guy is out there turning the word ‘impossible’ on its head. It’s easy to forget he’s blind.

If young people today were taught to embrace freedom, risk, and opportunity with the same energy they are encouraged to embrace limitations and victimhood, there is no telling what they could accomplish.

If this guy with a CANE can tear up a skate park like a boss, what excuses to the rest of us have for complaining about how badly the deck is stacked against them in — of all places — America.

This is STILL a country people from around the world are desperate to move to in hopes of laying hold of the rights and opportunities we take for granted that other nations (like Hong Kong) can only DREAM of having.

In the inability to recognize just how freeing a world of opportunity can be — so long as we are willing to accept the attendant risks of failure — a generation is falling into a trap of being doomed into mediocracy, or placing all their hopes of success in securing the right employer.

One look at a blind guy in a skate park should challenge all the ‘what if I fail’ excuses, and cause you to start looking at life through a lens of ‘what if I succeed’ rather than ‘what if I fail’.

After all, chances are, this guy had quite a few spectacular wipeouts along the way before he was able to film a clip that could wow us all.

But that hard work of preparation gets done where a person’s character is truly forged — alone with nobody watching but God.

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