WATCH: Don Lemon Complained About Trump Meme… Now He’s IN One

Published on December 14, 2019

That ‘Thanos’ meme shocked Lemon into some stunned silence, as though ‘reporting’ on it is somehow beneath his dignity, and sullies him.


This is the guy who routinely gets loaded and acts the ass on Air during CNN’s New Year’s Eve Specials. The guy on a network that liked using a rather graphic homosexual act to reference the Tea Party activists.

The guy who was in hot water for how he was said to have sexually harassed someone in a bar… SHOCKING New Development In Alleged Sexual Assault By CNN’s Don Lemon

… was clutching his pearls after a Trump-Impeachment-themed THANOS Meme, the poor baby… and groused that history would not remember the memes, only the impeachment.

Just wait until he sees how his stupified expression landed him into a response meme.

What’s the matter, Don?

U Mad, Bro?

The Left — and especially CNN — HATES memes. They always have.

Probably because they suck at making them.

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