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Hey Schiff: Your Side Has Been Busted For Lying About FISA Again And Again… Care To Explain? (Video)

Schiff assured us for years that his role on the Intelligence Committee gave him inside knowledge about both the FISA warrants and Trump’s ‘Russian Collusion’. Both were bogus.

For someone who talks so piously about using one’s political clout to hurt political opponents, Dems have got some questions to answer.

Not only due to this most recent saga over their secret connections to the bogus whistleblower but also because of his lies backing up the dirty tricks that opened up the surveillance on Trump’s team that later led to the Mueller Report.

He assured us again and again that everything in that surveillance was ‘on the up-and-up’. He led the charge in impugning Nunes’s character in blowing the whistle on some serious red flags that had been raised.

Now that Nunes has been proven right, and Schiff a liar, will he answer for it? Or will his media co-conspirators continue to run interference for him?

Here’s a supercut highlighting the latest IG Report by Horowitz shining the light of Truth on his lies:

Sure would be a shame if we all shared this story highlighting Schiff’s gaslighting and lies, wouldn’t it? And if we tagged him in it?

Nah, we can all just depend on the upright and honest press to correct the record, can’t we?

Sure we can.

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Wes Walker

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