WATCH: Event For Black Supporters Of Buttigieg Crashed By BLM Activists And It Gets WEIRD

Written by Wes Walker on December 5, 2019

Does this count as a win or a loss for Preachy Pete, or just a sad loss for both Democrat groups at his event?

Things got rowdy at Preachy Pete’s campaign stop.

Realizing he’s trailing far behind the pack in support from faithful Democrat black voters, Buttigieg was trying to prop up support.

He’s still reeling from that embarrassing gaffe where he used stock photos from Africa and claimed as ‘black supporters’ people who neither endorsed his candidacy, nor, in some cases, were even black.


This time, he’s got that base covered with some real live black leaders physically attending his event. So far so good, right?

And then BLM showed up to protest his track record with race-related policing issues under his tenure as Mayor. In particular, one loud agitator who breaks up the event to shout his issues.

Plot twist: this BLM activist isn’t actually black.

Buttigieg’s supporters turned on the activist, and it got loud… and physical.

Someone even took out their cane and started swinging it.

Probably not the sort of thing Ol’ Petey is wanting to showcase in his events.

We couldn’t help but notice the lack of any ATTEMPT on the Candidate’s part to employ any actual leadership skills to restore something resembling a rational conversation.

Is that a missed opportunity? Picking your battles?

Or is that a symptom of a bigger problem that might indicate he can be cowed or pressured by the worst kind of activism?