Watch The EPIC Takedown By Matt Gaetz During Impeachment Circus

Written by Wes Walker on December 5, 2019

Matt Gaetz is one of the rare Republicans that can whip Democrats into hysterics, because he is GOOD at what he does, and this is a classic example of why that is so.

He took those precious five minutes he has with the ‘witnesses’, and went to work making his case.

He made Pamela Karlan look petty and small, while making today’s hearings themselves look like a colossal waste of everyone’s time. The coup-de-grace was the closing line which may have had some of the last administration’s key officials looking over their shoulders to see if Durham was closing in on them.

We won’t steal his thunder with some devastating lines he delivered, but we’ll trace the contours of his arguments.

He opened with the professor’s statement about liberals and conservatives’ social practices, which had a derogatory opinion of conservatives. Goes to bias.

Then he gave her a solid beating for having invoked the President’s youngest son by name. She tried to make a glib tyranny joke by invoking a play on words with Barron / baron. She looked petty and mean as a result.

Then he started REALLY swinging for the fences… asking if anyone present actually had PERSONAL knowledge of a single material fact raised in the Schiff Report.

He then tore the Democrats’ case to ribbons by showing how little such material support they really had, and how much of what they DID have was actually exculpatory.

No wonder the Left doesn’t like him.

He is particularly skilled at exposing their bullsh*t for what it really is.