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WATCH: Is ‘Die Hard’ A Christmas Movie? Bruce Willis Settles The Debate Once And For All

Either Die Hard is the Quintessential Christmas flick for bros, or it’s not a Christmas flick at all. Which is one is it?

Who better to answer that question than the man himself?

People have been fighting over that question ever since it became a fan favorite.

Here’s a video laying out some reasons why it is *absolutely* a Christmas Movie.

Bruce Willis himself was the subject of a roast. And he answered the question once and for all:

While Willis only took the stage briefly, as is customary for the subject of a roast, he did use the opportunity to close the ceremonies with the strong declaration that “Die Hard is not a Christmas movie!”

A report from IndieWire suggests he went even further by doubling down with “It’s a g*****n Bruce Willis movie!” When questioned after the show about how he thought his fans might react, Willis only replied, “We’ll see.”
Source: BusinessInsider

Here it is in his own words:

Here’s our reaction:

Bruce Willis is a helluva guy and can say whatever he wants at his roast. We’re gonna give him a mulligan on that one.

Because two things are for certain:

It’s not New Year’s Day until the ball drops in Times Square.


It’s not Christmas Day until Hans Gruber drops from Nakatomi Tower.

You can keep the debate going in the comments!

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