Who The Hell Lets A Guy In A Trench Coat Into A Church?

Written by Doug Giles on December 30, 2019

Yesterday, 12.29.2019, some disgruntled dipstick shot up a church in Tarrant County, Texas.

He was able to shoot two congregants, (who later died,) before an armed bro dropped his backside like the bag of dirt that he is. Or rather, was.

Once again a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with evil intent. And for that … I am glad. There’s no telling what kind of damage that dude was capable of if not opposed by a Christian brother who was packing.

That said, after watching the shooting video inside of the church, the thing that had me scratching a bald spot on the back of my head was this question: Who the hell lets some jackass into church wearing a black trench coat from the Dylan Klebold – Eric Harris Mass Murderer Collection?

The guy’s dressed like Darth Vader, for God’s sake.

Security should’ve stopped him as soon as his size 6 foot touched the ground as he exited his Prius.

C’mon, folks. Church security must become way more suspicious.

A myopic cyclops could see that this jackanape was up to no good.

Here’s my advice, going forward, to Pastors: If some dejected dweeb rocks up to your Sunday Mourning Service dressed like Morpheus, have a savvy, locked-cocked-and-ready-to-rock, bro go give him a big Christian bear hug out in the parking lot. If said bro feels the slide action of a riot gun or a banana mag sticking out of an AR, have him body slam that perp’s skull to the payment or just shoot him.

Trenchcoats and bags big enough to hide a small arsenal should be, hello, disallowed from getting anywhere near a place of worship.

Can I get a witness?

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