ANDREW KLAVAN: Covington Kids’ Story Holds The Key To Reforming Our Free Press (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on January 9, 2020

Now that we’ve shone the light on the problem, how do we move forward with a solution WITHOUT endangering the First Amendment?

The solution cannot — and should not — come from government. That kneecaps the whole point of HAVING a free press.

If it’s going to happen at all, it will be up to the American people themselves to make this happen. But how?

Andrew Klavan offers his solution in the clip below. And it’s one that just might work.

A solution that builds off of this story: CNN Settles Lawsuit With Covington Catholic Teen, Nick Sandmann

It’s a question we had been wrestling with for a while, without coming any closer to the solution.

How do we get the corporate elite who obviously DON’T care one iota about who or what gets rolled under the wheels of their agenda, so long as their agenda continues to go forward?

How do Patriots stand against a globalist agenda no more committed to the citizens of Anytown Ohio or Oklahoma than they are to their counterparts of Anytown Europe or Asia?

How do we get their attention and take back the institution that is SUPPOSED to keep ALL of government in check, rather than be the propaganda arm of one political party, hiding Inconvenient Truths that could hurt their friends and political benefactors while propagating outright lies about Orange Man Bad?

How can we get them back to being the voice that warns us if power and money are being exchanged in backrooms and brown paper bags?

What might turn it into an institution that politicians and bureaucratic loyalists of BOTH parties learn to fear lest THEIR scalp be the next one posted in their newsroom office?

We’re grateful for the courage of the handful of fearless journalists at Project Veritas that go wherever the stories take them and blow the lid off of secrets.

John Solomon followed HIS stories to the Ukraine and he got labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for it. That doesn’t explain away his primary sourced records, though, does it? Or the reason that an American Ambassador to Ukraine was (reportedly) illegally using government resources to keep tabs on him.

But shouldn’t they be just one example among hundreds working their contacts, getting inside scoops, opening FOIA requests on emails and expense records to really dig up the dirt?

After his satirical opening monologue and theme song, The Andrew Klavan show presents a solution that just might be crazy enough to work… if anyone is willing to take up the challenge.

And doesn’t that pretty much pick up where the fight for Independence left off?

No, not the muskets. But individuals who saw a vision worth fighting for, even if they were ‘just’ a minority trying to make it happen, they got together in like-minded groups — militias — organizing and equipping themselves to fight against the British that would oppress them.

Or battle won’t be one of muskets or rifles. It will be one of ideas.

But it might involve financial cost. It might involve a sacrifice of time. It might involve getting together with neighbors and like-minded locals to take positive action in taking back your neighborhood, city and nation.

But if not you… who will?

The Left is counting on us remaining docile and disorganized while their ‘community organizers’ wrap their tentacles into every aspect of American Life to remake it in their own image.

We could sit back and let that happen…

Or we could write our OWN ending to this story.

And the legal victories being won by Nick Sandman and a few other conservatives bold enough to hold the line saying ‘this far and no farther’ serve as a call to action for those of us who still think America is worth saving — not as something it can be changed INTO, but for what it already is.

In Reagan’s words (and worlds older than his): ‘a shining city on a hill’.