Biden And Hillary Criticize Trump’s Iran Policy — But They Were Talking Tough A Few Years Ago

Written by K. Walker on January 8, 2020

Obama’s Veep, Joe Biden, and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, have been inconsistent with their view on how to handle Iran.

Why should we listen to the Obama administration regarding foreign policy relating to Iran? I have no idea. They made a complete mess of it by talking tough, yet caving, turning a blind eye to Iranian aggression and the flouting of the JCPOA rules, and appeasement.

The Iran Deal was an absolutely terrible policy that in the end benefited Iran as did the pallets of cash handed over in the middle of the night which coincided with a lopsided prisoner exchange. 

Basically, if the Obama administration decided to take one action with regard to Iran, the best bet was probably to do the opposite.

Despite their catastrophic failure to handle the authoritarian regime and halt their meddling in the Middle East, Biden and Hillary are not holding back from weighing in on President Trump’s actions regarding Iran.

Here is Joe Biden in 2020 criticizing President Trump’s “dangerous” Middle East policy that is bringing us to the brink of war.

President Bush’s Assistant Secretary of State, Robert Charles said that Joe Biden has been wrong on virtually every foreign policy issue in the last forty years.

Although Biden and other Democrats have called the airstrike that took out Soleimani an “assassination,” it was retaliation for an attack on a U.S. embassy as well as strikes that killed an American contractor just days before. Back in 1996, Senator Joe Biden would’ve probably had a different view of the situation. He had said that if Iran had attacked U.S. Service Barracks in Dharan, it would be an “act of war” — and that wasn’t an embassy in Iraq.


Hillary has been quiet with this recent flare-up with Iran, but it’s clear she has softened her tone towards Iran in recent years. She was pretty outspoken about calling for more diplomacy as things started heating up in 2019. She’s been openly critical of Trump wanting to pull out of the Iran deal. 

In 2016, Hillary was taking a tougher stance and wanted the President to hold Iran accountable to abide by the JCPOA — but then, she was running for President at the time.

Hillary had advocated diplomacy with Iran in 2009, but she was still insisting that Iran must make a “clear choice” to become a responsible nation-state or continue to be shunned and sanctioned for their support of terrorism.

Back in 2008, Hillary was an absolute Hawk with regard to Iran. She said that if she was President and Iran did something rash like attack Israel, she would order an attack on Iran and “totally obliterate them” because “those people who run Iran need to understand that.”

It seems that Hillary has “evolved” on more than just gay marriage.

Here are both Crooked Hillary and Sleepy Joe talking tough on a 2011 Iranian plot to kill the Saudi envoy to the U.S.

The difference is that their years of tough talk was just empty words. When the rubber hit the road, they caved and moved to appease Iran because they’re terrified of what the regime would do.

President Trump didn’t cave. When the opportunity arose to take out Soleimani after the attacks in Baghdad, he did the right thing — he killed a monster. He cut off the head of the beast and Iran is now flummoxed.

Tough talk doesn’t mean a damned thing if you don’t back it up with action. It isn’t a deterrent if they know you’ll back down when they push against the rules.

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