Gay Icon Boy George Angers Wokescolds By Making Fun Of The Pronoun Police

Written by Wes Walker on January 8, 2020

If you thought 2019 was weird, buckle up. Now, even gender-bending ‘icons’ of the 80s are jumping ship and turning on the pronoun police.

Any takers on how long it will be before ‘Boy George’ is accused of being arch-conservative or Alt-Right now that he’s said the thing-that-must-not-be-said?

Many of our readers won’t know who the hell we’re even talking about. Think a bald white version of RuPaul singing British Pop in the 80s and that gets you in the ballpark. Somewhere between that and Elton John — without Elton’s level of musicality. He was challenging gender norms before that was mainstream.

Who he was doesn’t really matter. You get the idea. He was ‘fabulous’ before that word had even been hijacked. He’s about as far as you would get from a straight-laced traditional conservative.

And yet, he’s just picked (another) fight with the pronoun police.

And when he got tsk-tsk’d by the twitter mob, he pretty much kicked sand in their face.

With the mob’s Sword of Damocles (e.g. ‘cancel culture’) hanging over everyone’s head, why would he be so reckless as to pick a fight over pronouns?

He’s tired of it. He’s come to the defense of people tagged as ‘transphobic’. It’s too easy to ruin someone with a rumor.

In 2018, he said something that shouldn’t be controversial, but was:

One satirical tweet we stumbled upon puts this question into a much broader perspective…

The bigger question is this one.

How far off course has culture really gone if Boy George is trying to help put it back ON the rails? And why haven’t those driving the change noticed yet that they are even losing the pioneers of their own ‘movement’?

Or worse yet, they are devouring those ‘pioneers’ of their own ‘progressive’ movement as not being ‘woke’ ENOUGH.

We’ve been predicting the intersectional left would have no choice but to devour their own soon. Now we’re seeing it happen.

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