BOLD STRATEGY: Joe Biden Tells Primary Voter ‘Go Vote For Someone Else’

Written by K. Walker on January 29, 2020

Joe Biden is an awful Presidential candidate. Here’s proof…

Setting aside his crack-smoking, hard-drinking, brother-impersonating, stripper-knocking up, influence-peddling, deadbeat, grifter son, Hunter, Joe Biden’ just isn’t a good candidate.

Back when he was Vice President, his constant gaffes and lack of any substantive legislative achievements (save the 1994 crime bill that he’s running away from quicker than a rabbit being chased by a greyhound) led me to say that he was “Assassination Insurance” for President Obama. No one in their right mind would really want creepy, sleepy Joe to be President of the United States of America.

And yet, here we are with Joe as the top pick for the Democratic ticket. Sure, Bernie has been closing in and the race is pretty tight, but Biden has had a consistent lead throughout the race.

The question is, does he really want to win?

In a weird exchange with an Iowa voter, the answer to that seems to be — maybe…?

A primary voter confronted Sleepy Joe about pipelines and said that he didn’t believe in building and replacing pipelines, but Biden put his hand on his chest and said, “You gotta go vote for someone else.”

As the exchange continued, the voter, later identified as Ed Fallon, a supporter of Tom Steyer, said that he would support the former Vice President in the General election. Biden countered saying that he was looking to win the primary first.

This isn’t the first time he’s told voters to go vote for someone else.

And we’ve seen that he’s been willing to push back against critics by calling people fat and challenging them to pushup contests.

And then… this happened:

Bloomberg News is reporting that Biden supporters are being urged by the campaign to defend Joe online.

With less than a week before the Iowa caucuses, the Biden campaign expressed concern on a call to its supporters that Sanders people were “getting ugly” and it had to “step up its game” defending the vice president. The message was confirmed by campaign national press secretary TJ Ducklo.

The Sanders campaign has seen a sudden uptick in support in recent weeks, taking leads in polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, which holds its primary on Feb. 12. Sanders is also leading in California, which provides 10% of the delegates needed to secure the presidential nomination…

…Sanders’ supporters are markedly more aggressive than those of any other campaign, going to Twitter and Facebook to enthusiastically defend the Vermont senator and sometimes attack the supporters of other candidates. Sanders’ most fervent supporters famously refused to support 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton when she beat Sanders.

Source: Bloomberg News

So, will Biden supporters go online to defend their candidate? What happens when they do that and he just tells voters to “go support someone else”?

This is the top-tier of the Democratic primaries: Biden, who doesn’t seem to really want it; an angry old communist; a pathological liar with an identity crisis; a hateful progressive weaponizing religion who ticks one identity box; and a woman who throws binders at her staff, eats her salad with a comb and has the personality of a spatula.

Great work, Democrats. I’m sure you can find someone to beat Trump in this crowd.

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