Brit Actor Argues With Race And Ethnicity ‘Expert’ Who Blames Racism For Meghan And Harry Brouhaha

Written by K. Walker on January 20, 2020

Not all heroes wear capes, but I’d be willing to sew one myself for this bro….

Laurence Fox is a British actor and musician who recently faced Twitter backlash for standing up to a “woke” race and ethnicity lecturer while discussing the decision of the Sussexes, (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle,) to move to North America and “step back” in their positions as senior members of the Royal family.

Fox appeared on BBC’s Question Time and pushed back at 41-year old Rachel Boyle, a lecturer at Edge Hill University, who was in the audience.

The question was asked by another audience member if Harry and Meghan should profit from the Sussex name and their connection to the royal family.

Fox started off speaking rather gently and empathizing with the Sussexes, saying that it must be difficult being under such scrutiny with a young child, but he doesn’t like the “have the cake and eat it too” attitude of the Sussexes.

Boyle countered saying that the negative press treatment that Markle has faced is due to racism, Fox denied that it was racism and that Britain is a tolerant country. Then Boyle attacked Fox for being a “privileged white male.” Fox rolled his eyes and countered that he cannot change who he is — that being white is an immutable characteristic and condemning him as a privileged, white male is racism itself. He also said that crying racism is “boring.”

Laurence Fox is standing strong in the face of a left-wing Twitter mob accusing him or ‘racism’ following his Question Time slanging match with an ethnicity lecturer over Meghan Markle.

The 41-year-old accused Rachel Boyle, an academic at Edge Hill University on Merseyside, of ‘being racist’ after she called him ‘a white privileged male’ for denying the Duchess of Sussex was hounded from Britain for being mixed-race.

Source: Daily Mail

Fox continued to say that it’s ridiculous to call someone racist for simply disagreeing and more than that, it’s dangerous. He cited the news that has broken about “grooming gangs” made up of mostly Pakistani men that preyed on and sex trafficked blue-collar white girls but wasn’t taken seriously by police for fear of being called racist.

Watch the whole segment here:


I think I might have a new answer to that question… @LozzaFox. It’s nice to find a celebrity that isn’t a blithering, leftist idiot.

After the heated exchange on Question Time, Fox faced immense backlash on social media.

But he didn’t back down one inch.

Despite all of the hate he was getting, Fox was enjoying it.

He even retweeted Boyle’s tweet saying that she lives for having conversations with “ill informed privileged people.” He gave it the hashtag #stunningandbrave.

As expected, Fox received some threats on social media as well:

But he also had his defenders.

Andrew Doyle, the comedian behind the Titania McGrath parody account summarized Fox’s argument and it’s completely reasonable.

Here’s a highlight reel of his appearance on Question Time:

He’s now doing interviews to talk about the social media backlash he has faced.

Love it! Keep it up, Lawrence. You’ve got thousands of new followers watching and cheering you on!

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