LMAO: Sen. Martha McSally Campaign Launches ‘You’re A Liberal Hack, Buddy’ T-Shirts

Written by K. Walker on January 20, 2020

Now you can wear this iconic phrase to “Own the Libs.”

Arizona Senator Martha McSally’s campaign has launched a new t-shirt as a fundraising tool for her upcoming Senate race. The cheeky phrase was taken from an encounter late last week with CNN’s Senior Congressional Correspondent, Manu Raju. He had caught up with the Senator in a Congressional hallway and asked her if the Senate should consider “new evidence” as a part of the impeachment trial. Sen. McSally refused to answer the question and called Raju a “liberal hack.”

The Media(D) then came out in force to defend their own against the nasty Republican woman.

Of course, this only appeared to be a problem when it was Sen. McSally — Raju had been treated poorly by Rep. Ilhan Omar(D-MN) last year with no outrage.

Nevertheless, CNN spent hours on-air discussing the “shameful” conduct of Sen. McSally, an Air Force veteran. Anderson Cooper had a whole rant about it.

But many Republicans had a very different view.

Kurt Schlicter wrote:

I had pretty much written off Martha McSally as a loser, a sure loss of the crucial Arizona Senate seat she got handed after flubbing a campaign to win the state’s other one, but it looks like I was wonderfully wrong. Somewhere along the line, McSally got woke, calling a liberal hack from CNN a “liberal hack” and inspiring a million Dem-loving media tears. It was glorious, and overdue. McSally laid out that simpering microphone jockey and showed that maybe she can take the fight to her gun-stealing, socialist-tolerating astronaut opponent and keep our seat.

Schlicter then says that she became a docile, consultant-created, open-minded, reach-across-the-aisle moderate Republican heading straight to RINO territory. But this move shook her right out of her slumber and reminded everyone what a badass she was.

Remember, McSally was the first female combat pilot and had risen to the rank of Colonel before she retired.

McSally is a literal hero, in military terms – an example to be emulated. But as a Republican senator, she just wasn’t getting it done. And she needed to hear that. She needed to unleash the Thunderbolt II pilot that was in there somewhere, buried under layers of consultant goo, just waiting for a chance to send a volley of figurative depleted uranium rounds at some Democrat lackey with a mic and a ‘tude.

Target acquired; target destroyed.

This moment just added a jolt into McSally’s Senate campaign.

McSally was on her way to losing again, but she has now demonstrated the requisite wokeness to take the attack to the enemy. She saw she drew blood and moved in for the kill, grabbing up the domain name liberalhack.com and using it to sell t-shirts. She’s fundraising off the viral vid and the media meltdown that followed. Arizona Republicans are thinking, “Maybe she’s not a loser after all.”

That’s crucial. McSally knows how essential morale is. If you are a commander and you are tepid, soft, and indecisive, your troops are going to resign themselves to defeat. But if you draw your saber, leap to the front, and shout “Follow me!”, they will – right through the gates of Hell…

…There’s a new Senator McSally in town, and we cons like her. What she did to Durwood R. Murrow was perfect. The only thing way she could have made it better is by preceding “liberal hack” with an obscene adjective.

Source: Townhall

Amen, brother, amen.


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