CNN Picks Fight With Christian Satire Site… That Was A Bad Idea

Written by Wes Walker on January 7, 2020

The thing about satire is that there’s a hint of truth about it…

We’ll save our readers the trouble of looking up this guy’s name. Donie is a reporter for CNN, apparently. Maybe that word means something else to them.

Here he is, hard at work, doing his part to rid the world of…

*checks notes*


Some people don’t get the joke, and that ‘concerns’ Donie.

(Others, Like Donie here, ARE the joke… they just don’t know it yet.)

Yes, with headlines like these it’s a wonder Babylon Bee isn’t accidentally triggering market sell-offs:

Hired the Mandalorian, did he?

You know what they say about ‘glass houses’, don’t you?

Meanwhile, over at CNN, they only report The News like this fine example:

I thought we’re not allowed to call them that anymore. They have to be called undocumented extra-terrestrials, right?

The Babylon Bee — whose reach is the envy of NYTimes and CNN — shot back.



He doesn’t have a problem with SATIRE — just satire he disagrees with.

There’s a word for people like that.

But considering Babylon Bee’s demographics, it’s unlikely they would stoop to calling Donie that. Whatever word just popped into your head was probably close enough.

You got stung by the Bee. Take the L and move along.

Good talk.

Maybe when he graduates past crayons, somebody can warn him about the ‘horrors’ of Jonathan Swift and Alexander Pope.

Those madmen MUST be stopped!