3 Reasons Trump’s Actions Towards Iran Is PURE Stable Genius

Written by K. Walker on January 7, 2020

The left is reacting like President Trump just kicked off World War III. Here’s why they’re wrong…

When President Trump ordered the airstrike that killed Iranian General and designated terrorist, Qasem Soleimani, it a move consistent with Trump’s hearkening back to Reagan’s “peace through strength” military policy.

Americans are tired of fighting never-ending wars in the Middle East where troops get entangled in some sort of regime change with no way to get out. It’s natural that the resulting hysteria on both the left and the right for those who fear war with Iran and/or Iranian retaliation using terror acts is very high. But in this case, everyone needs to calm down.

This new American policy is a stroke of genius.

1. Previous Policy Regarding Iran Has Been Spectacularly Unsuccessful

What we are seeing is the Trump Doctrine on Iran being acted out in real-time. This is the end of a failed policy of disregarding Iran’s aggressive actions and appeasement to an authoritarian regime. This is a regime that has been fighting proxy wars with the United States throughout the Middle East pretty much since the day they took power in 1979, gives aid and comfort to terrorists, and is involved in planning and funding terror attacks all over the world. Iran has one foot in two worlds — as a legitimate, nation-state and funding and supporting terrorist organizations. These proxy wars have killed and maimed thousands of U.S. and allied troops.

Do we just let that continue indefinitely?

The Trump policy regarding Iran is decidedly different from the previous administration in particular, which handed over pallets of cash, released terrorists, did nothing when Iran seized two U.S. naval vessels in the Persian Gulf, and turned a blind eye to Iran’s ties to other terrorist organizations, including Hezbollah, which has added gun and drug trafficking to fund their terrorism.

Then-Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that the administration knew that the money handed over to Iran would fund terror.

Although the Media(D) calls Qasem Soleimani a Major General of the Islamic Revolutionary Gaurd Corps (IRGC), he was a terrorist. He commanded the Quds Force which was labeled a terrorist organization by both the United States and Canada. The Quds Force was connected to multiple terrorist groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, as well as other Shia militias in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. The Quds Force was responsible for military operations outside of Iran and providing military support against U.S. troops. Soleimani was the mastermind of the 2012 Benghazi attack. Despite the New York Post reporting this in 2014, the Obama administration still allied with Soleimani to fight ISIS in Iraq. The Islamic State grew from what Obama called a “J.V. team” to become a massive terrorist organization after the quick withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Great work, there, Barry.

Taking out Soleimani was a huge deal.

David Petraeus, Obama’s CIA Director, said that killing Soleimani was bigger than taking out Osama bin Laden.

In one move, President Trump has taken the United States further away from war with Iran than we were before the airstrike. His tough tweets warning Iran not to retaliate are reiterating that same position.

2. Drawing A Clear Line With A Display Of Strength When It’s Crossed Is A Deterrent For War

Let’s take a look at what Iran has done in just during the Trump administration.

Iran wasn’t thrilled when Donald J. Trump won in 2016. They didn’t know what they were going to get. If Hillary won, they knew she’d keep the JCPOA (Iran Deal) that Obama administration had negotiated while she was Secretary of State.

In 2018, when Trump decided to officially pull out of the Iran Deal and impose sanctions, Iran started threatening action against oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz. He didn’t do that in a vacuum; Iran has had a hand in destabilizing the Middle East for decades, backing militias to conduct attacks against U.S. troops and allies, and was only emboldened by Obama’s weak stance against them. They were also flush with cash thanks to Barry.

There were some attacks on oil tankers that it is believed were funded by Iran and carried out by proxies.

In August, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei banned all talks with the United States.

In 2019, it was more of the same — Iran-backed groups attacked oil tankers, attacked U.S. troops, and even conducted drone strikes on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.

Then, in June of 2019, Iran shot down a U.S. drone. Initially, Trump sent out some pretty harsh tweets, but in the end, he halted an attack which would have caused perhaps as many as 150 deaths and he said that he believed that it would have been disproportionate action for the shooting down of an unmanned drone.

But then, he was clear — if you kill Americans, you’ll be sorry.

In late 2019, that’s what they did. On December 27, an attack on a U.S. military base in Iraq was attacked and an American contractor was killed. Two days later, the U.S. responded with airstrikes against Hezbollah in Iraq and Syria. On December 31, Iran-backed militia groups stormed the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, defacing property and burning the building. This was now on U.S. soil.

This was the line that could not be crossed. This attack was what led to Trump to agree to the airstrike that killed Soleimani.

3. Following The Airstrike Killing Soleimani, Trump’s Tough Talk Shows That He Means Business

Iran continued with their saber-rattling by putting a bounty on Trump’s head and has threatened attacks on American soil and an attack on the White House specifically.

President Trump is being very clear that he’s not having any of it. He also knows that Iran doesn’t really want a war with the United States — at least not at this juncture. After a few strategic locations were hit, they’d be toast and they know it.

This particular tweet has been criticized because of the statement that some of the sites are “important to Iran & the Iranian culture.” To be fair to Trump here, this is a tweet and hardly the forum for thorough foreign policy. Now, I don’t see Trump agreeing to target historical sites and museums as has been claimed by the left — that is something that the Taliban and ISIS would do — that said, would he take out monument commemorating the Iranian revolution that put this regressive, pro-terror regime in place? Sure. And why not? The Iranian regime has held its own citizens hostage and silencing dissidents for 40 years.

The Iranian regime knows that he’ll do it because he did it with Soleimani.

Iran showed photos of a country in mourning over the death of Soleimani. How seriously are we to take that when hundreds of Iranian citizens were killed as dissidents just a few weeks ago by Soleimani? It isn’t difficult to fake mourning when you’ve got a gun to your head. It’s not like it’s a free, democratic nation.

Of course, Iran is also doing what Iran does — they’re chanting “Death to America” — gee, I wonder why appeasement hasn’t worked so far.

On Twitter, President Trump is flexing the might of the U.S. military, and it’s a warning to Iran.

And now, “disproportional” strikes — like the one he nixed back in June — are on the table.

Just in case they forgot… President Trump is making it clear that Iran will never have a nuke.

And guess what — it’s working.

Iran is now explaining that “Death to America” doesn’t actually mean “Death to America.”

When was the last time you saw Iran issue a clarification of its perspective regarding America? It looks like Trump just might be breaking them.

President Trump’s Middle East strategy seems pretty solid…


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