CORONAVIRUS: Evac From China Who Did It Better… Canada Or USA?

Written by Wes Walker on January 30, 2020

The next time some 2020 contender claims America lags behind other countries, ask them about this response to China’s virus outbreak.

As footage has shown, Uncle Sam has already welcomed home some of the US citizens who got caught up in the Coronavirus scare in China.

America is stepping up. US citizens have been flown home, and are getting put up in proper medical isolation while they monitor everyone’s condition.

But not everyone has done so.

You know those ‘woke’ neighbors (neighbours?) of ours up North in America’s hat? They’re not doing quite so well in looking after their citizens.

Maybe they shouldn’t have re-elected their black-face wearing mental midget to set policy. The self-professed feminist who likes to appoint department heads based on things like Liz Warren’s idea of gender quotas instead of considerations like skill set and competency.

How’s that working out for them so far? Not bad for the Ottawa insiders. The poor schlubs stuck in China while people are dropping like flies are another story.

What does ‘assessing the situation’ mean?

Most likely, it means they’ve got to sit around wait while bureaucrats argue over whose responsibility this problem is to fix, and then get started with the task of NOT fixing it.

It’s still early yet to start a panic, but this is a serious outbreak, with more than 100 dead, and no known method of treatment available to us.