PUSSIFICATION: Skinny Dork Taunts Big Guy… That Was A BAD Idea (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on January 30, 2020

Did this pipsqueak really believe the tough guy he was taunting was going to sit there at take it?

The problem with prissy little dorks that run their mouths like this guy is they expect everyone else will play nice.

At first, the big guy stood there, unimpressed and ignoring the little schmuck while he did whatever you call that little dance he was doing.

But once he was stupid enough to make physical contact, all bets were off.

He made the mistake of tweaking the big guy’s chest.

Big guy grabbed him by the face and launched him across the street with a one-handed push.

Did this scarecrow learn his lesson? Nope. He came back for more.

Guess how THAT worked out for him?



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