Glenn Beck Reads Letter From Biden Campaign To Media Outlets Explaining HOW To Cover Ukraine Reporting

Written by Wes Walker on January 24, 2020

If this were Trump this would be proof of his secret designs for a ‘dictatorship’ and his overthrow of the free press.

Remember all those sanctimonious speeches we heard in 2017 about the looming threat against journalism that Trump presented simply by calling out ‘Fake News’?

Throughout his presidency, the most dangerous tool Trump has EVER leveled against them is ridicule, and — on one occasion — the revocation of a single press pass from an outlet that had multiple White House correspondents.

Oooooh. Scary.

What do you suppose their reaction would be if he were to send out a memo dictating to journalists exactly HOW they were INSTRUCTED to report news that might be damaging to him or his election bid?

In a three-page press release to all journalists and editors, team Biden made explicit demands about how exactly they were supposed to frame any reference they were to make to the Biden/Burisma/Corruption claims.

And they concluded that speech with a cherry on top:

No campaign,[etc] should ever be allowed to act as your editors.

I guess they haven’t noticed the irony of that statement.

But we’re confident our READERS our smart enough to pick up on it.

We can’t POSSIBLY imagine why they get called out as fake news.

So, the question is…

Will Joe Biden(D) get to call the ‘watchdogs’ of the Media(D) to heel and have them behave like the tiny dogs millionaire heiresses carried in their handbag, or will they remember how to growl?

We’re confident we already know the answer to this question. That’s why we give them the same (D) after their name that Joe Biden has after his.

If they were NOT the neutered pets of the Democrat apparatus, they might sniff around and realize that maybe — just maybe — the claims that these are ‘debunked’ aren’t actually rooted in fact.

AND they would bite his hand for daring to tell a free press exactly how and when they are allowed to ‘speak truth to power’.

They might even bring up some of the abuses his administration has yet to answer for in harassing journalists back when he was veep.

That’s what a FREE press would do.

If, in fact, our ‘legacy media’ were truly free.

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