WHOA! Did CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Just Criticize Adam Schiff On The Air? (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on January 24, 2020

The Media(D) has been giddy and effervescent in their praise of Adam Schiff’s impassioned impeachment performance. This is a stark contrast…

In the last few days, the Partisan Press has been binging on Democrat Impeachment porn while the rest of the country has been ignoring the unbelievable farce that is impeachment in search of a crime.

The left and the Media(D) have lauded Congressman Adam Schiff(D-CA)’s lengthy arguments as eloquent, stirring, compelling, and persuasive.

But in an absolutely shocking moment on CNN, Alisyn Camerota, host of New Day, replied to terrible satirist Joe Lockhart that she thought Rep. Schiff had made a terrible mistake in his closing statements. She says that Rep. Schiff had misjudged the perspective of Senate Republicans and

CAMEROTA: Yeah, I thought there was a misfire, actually, in Chairman Schiff’s final closing statement to them. Because what he said to them was, “You know that the President isn’t doing what’s best for the country.” That’s not what they think. They think that lower taxes, they think that rolling back regulations, they think that blocking the border is what’s best for the country. And so I felt like, when he tried to say that to them, they could be like, “Time out. That’s actually not what we think. The reason we support this president is not because we love him, and think that everything he does is perfect, it’s because we do think that what he’s doing is best for the country.”

Did Alisyn Camerota accurately describe the thought process of many Republican Senators? I do believe she did. Perhaps that’s why (as Eddie Zipperer noted in the tweet above) she was likely prompted to move on.

What would political discussion in the United States look like if coverage allowed for the option that Republicans aren’t, in fact, evil bastards with the most nefarious of intent while Democrats are as pure as the driven snow?

Perhaps we could discuss the pros and cons of actual policies instead of just shouting insults at each other.

Daydreaming aside, what Camerota said is laudable — I just wish she did it more often.


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