Google Whistleblower Suspects Wife’s Fatal Car Crash Was NOT ‘An Accident’

Written by Wes Walker on January 21, 2020

You may remember the Robert Epstein stories we covered last year, testifying before Congress exactly HOW Google results can swing elections by millions or even tens of millions.

Robert Epstein, 66, said in July the internet giant’s methods ‘gave’ millions of votes to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.

In December he announced that his wife, Misti Dawn Vaughn, 29, died after her truck spun out of control along a road in California and into the path of a tractor-trailer.

On Sunday he tweeted: ‘Last year, after I briefed a group of state AGs about #Google’s power to rig elections, one of them said, “I think you’re going to die in an accident in a few months.” A few months later, my beautiful wife #Misti died a violent death. Makes you wonder.’

Epstein had earlier tweeted on January 4: ‘BTW, although losing Misti is devastating for me – there will never be another Misti in my life, after all – I AM STILL NOT SUICIDAL. Hear that, #Google? Hear that, #Hillary?’
Source: DailyMail

What about the studies?

‘I know the number of votes that shifted because I have conducted dozens of controlled experiments in the US and other countries that measure precisely how opinions and votes shift when search results favor one candidate, cause, or company,’ Epstein testified.

Epstein testified that Google’s search techniques ‘shifted at least 2.6 millions votes to Clinton’.

Epstein said he analyzed 13,000 election-related searches from the campaign and that they were ‘significantly biased in favor of Secretary Clinton’.

He said he ‘conducted dozens of controlled experiments that measure how opinions shift when search results are biased.

‘I call this shift “SEME” – the Search Engine Manipulation Effect,’ he said.

Epstein claims the search results have an ‘subliminal’ effect on voters that he calls ‘online ephemeral experiences’.

Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes, so Epstein’s theory gives the impression Google could have made the difference in the outcome.
Source: DailyMail

Yes, he said ‘at least’. He also gave an upper range, which we reported, and he weighed in on how Google tilted 2018, too.

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