Guatemalan Cops And ICE Cooperate To Break Up Caravan, Send Hundreds Of Hondurans Home

Written by Wes Walker on January 21, 2020

If ICE agents are such ‘racists’ how is it that Guatemalan police are working together with them? Could we have been LIED to?

You might have heard an announcement that another ‘caravan’ was forming up, with the intention of crashing our borders as they have tried to in the past.

Imagine their surprise when Guatemala told them ‘No Mas’.

Approximately 400 men, women, and young children made their way to the northern Honduran town of San Pedro Sula on Tuesday, the AFP reported. By Wednesday, the group refused to register with migration services in Honduras and began pushing their way past a line of police to cross into Guatemala — the first step on a journey that would take them into Mexico and on to the United States.

After Guatemalan authorities rounded up the migrants they loaded them onto buses and took them back to the Honduran border near the town of Corinto. The AP reported this as “effectively dashing their plans to travel together as a ‘caravan’ with hopes of reaching the United States.”

Elsewhere in Guatemala, police negotiated a deal with another group of migrants who entered without registering to take them back to the border and then ferry them back to the migrant shelter in Esquipulas. The town is located near the Guatemala-Honduras international border.

Officials said they expect many of the migrants to give up and return to their home country.
Source: Breitbart

So, where does ICE come in?

They are busy helping Guatemala maintain THEIR sovereign borders.

Call it a win-win.

ICE agents and Guatemalan national police teamed up to sweep up the majority of about 300 caravan migrants who illegally crossed the border late last week, the Associated Press reported. The U.S. ICE agents are assigned to assist Guatemalan law enforcement authorities under an agreement negotiated by the Trump administration in 2019.
Source: Breitbart

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