Holy Toledo! Check Out The MASSIVE Line For Trump’s Rally In Ohio

Written by Wes Walker on January 10, 2020

Ohio is a swing state… does it look like ‘impeachment’ has really cost Trump any support there?

That’s a LONG line, folks. Crazy long.

And they are all here to see one thing — the President that represented them for the past three years; the President they want to see elected for another four.

Isn’t the REAL reason they are so desperate to pin a scandal — ANY scandal — on Trump the fact that they just don’t have an answer to crowd response like this?

Crowd response like this is something the Democrats simply cannot match, no matter WHO they eventually nominate.

They’re screwed, and they know it. Unless they can find a way to cheat.

They tried to do it with a recount. They tried to do it with Russian Collusion. They are trying to do it with Ukraine.

And now they’re looking for ways to do it with Iran.

They can’t get the public to love any of the Democrat contenders.

Their best play they’ve got is trying to turn the public against Trump.

How does it look like that’s working SO far?