WATCH: Ilhan Omar Tries To Explain The Difference Between Iranian Sanctions And The BDS Movement

Written by Wes Walker on January 10, 2020

Talk like this does nothing to quell those allegations that Omar is a plant working for Iran and Qatar, does it?

What, did you miss that story or forget it among all her other foolishness? That’s fair, there is a lot there to keep up with. You can see it here: Corroboration: 2nd Witness Testifies To Ilhan Omar Being Asset For Qatar & Iran

Ilhan Omar was outraged — OUTRAGED! — over Trump’s policy of levying economic sanctions against the world’s foremost State sponsor of terror. That we would dare to take such action against a country that, in the past year, seized commercial ships, launched a missile attack against Saudi Oilfields, shot down an unarmed American drone, to say nothing of their role in the attack on our Embassy, and roles in otherwise destabilizing their regional neighbors.

We covered her tearful objections about how it would hurt the poor people of Iran (and the REAL story about how it is leading to layoffs in the terrorists downstream of that funding) while she giggled with her Squad BFF while another Dem talked about US casualties. See that here:

Here’s what she had to say: Ilhan Omar, Champion of BDS, Decries ‘Crippling’ Sanctions Against Terror State

When called on the hypocrisy of supporting BDS but opposing THESE sanctions, she answered this way:

Oh. Ok. Sure.

But… isn’t she, herself, pushing a ‘maximum pressure’ policy on the part of the Government? A policy her own party leader (‘Tehran Nancy’) has called antisemitic.