Look Who’s Back: ‘Wax My Balls’ Activist Punches Out Reporter (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on January 14, 2020

For someone who allegedly has ‘mobility issues’, Yaniv had no trouble chasing, threatening, and eventually punching a reporter in the head.

Has anyone told Yaniv that such behavior is not very ladylike?

You guessed it. ‘Jessica Yaniv’ is back in the center of the circus again, causing new commotions.

To tell the story properly, we’ll need to back up a bit. The world first became familiar with the name ‘Jessica Yaniv’ when Jessica (formerly Jonathan) declared that he was now identifying as a woman, ‘Jessica’, and expected to be treated in every respect as a woman.

Next, Yaniv targeted a series of self-employed female estheticians who offered feminine hair removal. You can see where this is going. Because waxing a scrotum (which Yaniv still has) requires a very different technique and training than waxing a vulva, AND requires the handling of testicles, these women refused. And Yaniv sued them for discrimination.

The fact that Yaniv is a ridiculous racist only made his story more disgusting.

The courts threw out his cases, but the harm to the women and their business had already been done.

Now history is repeating itself, with a series of Sikh waxers.

There have been plenty of other news stories about how what a vile, conniving weasel this person is. You could say it’s a pattern. ‘Jessica’ loves the attention, but hates being called out by reporters asking hard questions.

When reporters come calling, the flight or flee response is triggered, and we have seen examples of both.

This time, Yaniv was dumb enough to punch out a reporter right in front of a courthouse.

Here are the courthouse cameras:

This recurring problem isn’t really that much different from the ‘laughing all the way to the bank’ serial bank robber who got let out on bail only to hit a fifth bank. (Story here)

It would take a set of balls for legislators to put an end to this very real social problem, but none of the people elected to do so can find theirs.


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