Jersey City Shooters: Antisemites Had Bomb With Blast Range Of FIVE Football Fields

Written by Wes Walker on January 14, 2020

This is something more than your ordinary deranged whackjob. These guys were packing some serious firepower.

Remember that shootout that ended in a Jersey City Kosher deli in the midst of that spike in Antisemitic violence through December? As bad as it was, it could have been much, much worse.

It’s a good thing they never got a chance to put their bomb to use. It was a particularly nasty one.

New Jersey shooters David Anderson and Francine Graham had an improvised explosive device inside their U-Haul van that had the reach of five football fields, a weapon that could have been part of larger wave of attacks targeting the Jewish community and law enforcement, officials said Monday.

“If it exploded in the right place it could have certainly injured or killed people up to five football fields away,” said FBI Newark Special Agent in Charge Gregory Ehrie.
Source: CNN

It was a nasty piece of business.

And for all the gawkers we saw around that event after the fact, siding with the attackers, and against their Jewish victims, know this:

An explosive device with that kind of firepower and range isn’t going to be picky about who it kills or maims. It could easily have been any one of those same people whose despicable hate we saw on that ‘man on the street’ interview in Jersey City. SICK: Shocking Video Of Jersey City Residents Blaming VICTIMS Immediately After Anti-Semitic Shooting

Both shooters — who Ehrie said were not connected to any group, including the Black Hebrew Israelites — were living in that van. They surveilled the supermarket days before the attack and even drove past the location that day, officials said.
There were also enough materials in the van to make another explosive device, Ehrie said.

The violence, which officials said was months in the making, included the purchase of five firearms in March 2018, target practice with long guns days before the shooting, the shooting at a vehicle being driven by a Hasidic Jew close to Newark Airport, and the bludgeoning and shooting death of another victim, Michael Rumberger, also before the Jersey City shooting.
Source: CNN

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