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Man Stabs And Kills His Pro-Trump Boss After Political Dispute

If bros in red MAGA hats are such a ‘dangerous menace’, why are they so frequently the TARGETS of violence in these news stories?

People get their hats stolen, or they are attacked by strangers in the street for wearing Trump swag. Some guy pulled a gun in a Sam’s Club over it. We just reported about a 40-something guy who spit on a retiree (and cancer patient) while he was minding his own business in a restaurant.

The attempted assassination of Scalise and others at the baseball game was politically motivated.

Project Veritas just released videos about paid organizers from the Bernie Sanders team that are Communists openly daydreaming about dissolving our government and installing a dictator… even if it means taking up arms to do it.

And now we have a murder. Over freaking political differences.

Do these people not realize (or care?) that elections are the PEACEFUL alternative to armed rebellion? The safety valve on the will of the people?

The events themselves:

Report about the motivation and relationship with the ‘childhood friend and co-worker’ that he gutted with a trowel:

A construction worker with anti-government beliefs is accused of fatally stabbing his boss, who was a “proud and outspoken American and pro-Donald Trump,” according to an Orange County sheriff’s arrest affidavit.

Mason Trever Toney, 28, was arrested Monday on murder charges in the death of his boss, William Knight, 28.

…Witnesses said Toney and Knight were friends outside of the workplace, and Knight picked up Toney earlier in the day. Witnesses said Toney and Knight got into an argument, possibly over their opposing views of the U.S. government.

According to the affidavit, Toney is very outspoken about his beliefs and has said the government is out to get him.

Witnesses said they heard Knight yell for help and saw Toney repeatedly stabbing him with a trowel, according to the affidavit.
Source: ClickOrlando

What makes it even worse than this guy stabbing his friend and employer with a trowel at ten in the morning over politcs?

(Aside from the unarmed observers ‘throwing things’ at the killer as he ran away?)

A ‘brand new’ flag was draped over the victim’s body.

Gee, does that’ sound ‘pre-meditated’ to you?

Yeah, these ‘progressive’ Democrats are the ‘party of peace’ in the same way that jihadi belong to a ‘religion of peace’.

Some of the stories mentioned above:

And in case you think these are ‘isolated incidents’ here are some more…

Wes Walker

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