Conor McGregor Praises President Trump And Social Media Goes WILD!

Written by K. Walker on January 22, 2020

It looks like no one was neutral on this one…

UFC champion Conor McGregor responded to President Trump’s tweet on Martin Luther King Jr. Day touting his success in reducing African-American unemployment to historic lows during the three years that he has been in office. McGregor’s response was that President Trump was “phenomenal” and possibly the greatest President of all time. He also said that President Trump “sits atop the shoulders of many amazing giants.”

The gushing praise made a few people a wee bit upset…

Several people couldn’t handle the typo in McGregor’s tweet.

Those anti-Trumpsters were definitely triggered.

But McGregor got a whole lot of positive responses, too:

On Tuesday morning, President Trump responded to McGregor’s tweet congratulating him on his recent win against Donald Cerrone on Saturday night. It was the first victory for McGregor since 2016.

Which just set people off again.

The haters:

Mmm-hmm… because hangin’ with the elites at Davos to be lectured by Greta Thunberg about ceasing all fossil fuel use immediately is so all-consuming that it prevents someone from taking 10 seconds to respond to a tweet. [Insert eye roll here.]

And the President’s fans:

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