Mark Levin’s New Bolton Vid Blows Impeachment ‘Witness’ Requirement Straight To Hell

Written by Wes Walker on January 29, 2020

Book or no book, we now have Bolton himself speaking directly on the record about the content of that contested phone call.

What are Democrats really expecting, that Bolton is going to go to the Senate and contradict his own official statements?

And even if he did make any accusatory claims against Trump, who should we believe? Bolton of last August, or Bolton in his book? Which one is telling the truth?

Here is a video Mark Levin dug up that the Schiff-weasels won’t want to see on the evening news.

We know that Bolton is motivated by a very different political agenda than the President and thinks his ideas are better than anyone else’s. That’s ok in an advisor, so long as he can keep it clear exactly who it was that was elected to make that final judgment call.

The problem with Bolton appears to be that he believes the President was making decisions contrary to his vision of national security.

It also appears that he felt the President was obligated to follow the advice he gave, to the exclusion of contrary advice given from other advisors, or even the President’s own, private opinion.

That brings another old John Bolton clip into the conversation.

How would anyone know for sure whether any testimony we hear from Bolton was based on the actual events as they happened, or for other reasons, including a ‘larger agenda’?