MSNBC Runs Iran’s Propaganda Piece Falsely Claiming 30 US Killed In Rocket Attack

Written by Wes Walker on January 8, 2020

If you don’t like being CALLED ‘enemy of the people’ try not ACTING like you’re the ‘enemy of the people’.

MSNBC has been explicitly partisan for a long time. But this is bad even by their conspiracy-loving low standards.

Trump just greased Suleimani and sent him off to meet his 71 Virginians. (Robin Williams joke, look it up if you want a good laugh.)

He’s dead and the world’s a better place for his leaving it. Right up there with Jeffrey Epstein. But the Left simply cannot help themselves. They are so deeply partisan they will unthinkingly side WITH anyone and anything that Trump is AGAINST. Even terrorists personally responsible for the deaths of untold thousands.

They WANT to believe that Trump’s leading us all into World War III. But, of course, he is not.

How badly do they want to ‘OWN’ Trump at MSNBC? So badly that they will gladly lie to do it.

No, we’re not talking about the thoroughly-debunked Russian Collusion story they hung their hat on for a couple of years. Nor are we talking about ‘Roswell’ Rachell Maddow’s super-important overhyped ‘big scoop’ about Trump’s tax returns that showed a single page of his taxes from forever ago.

They’ve moved so VERY far beyond that. They are now reading out the talking points of the World’s Largest State Sponsor of Terrorism™ on the air.

Good goin’ there, chief!

Do you think anyone noticed?

It wasn’t just them, either.

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Well, At least MSNBC wasn’t retweeted by Iran. That ‘honor’ was reserved for CNN.

Is it possible that more viewers in saw Anderson Cooper report this in IRAN than in the US of A?

Here is the official report:


And the rest of that thread:

You may notice that there were ZERO official reports of casualties so far.

What did the President have to say?

He kept things pretty low-key tonight.

For all the claims that he’s going to ‘blunder us’ into war, he hasn’t done so yet. And this is what, the second or third time they’ve clutched thier pearls about WWIII?

Geez, you leftists… stop trying to make WWIII happen.