NASTY: CDC Names US Cities With Highest STD Rates … Is Yours On The List?

Written by Wes Walker on January 14, 2020

The 2.4 Million nationwide cases of STDs only tells part of the story… we can only guess at how many other asymptomatic and unreported cases are out there.

The CDC has been following national trends, cities with the most cases. States with the most top-100 cities. The role large military bases seems to play in skewing the numbers.

Here’s a breakdown of the most current report (which can be found here).

California, Ohio and Texas have the most cities to have made the list. (Cali has 7, Ohio and Texas each have 6).

While most of these are per-capita comparisons, we do have a list of the largest by total numbers, too. In terms of total STD cases (counting HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea only), the top five cities are:

1. Los Angeles, CA (92,401)
2. Chicago, IL (58,322)
3. Houston, TX (36,710)
4. Phoenix, AZ (34,973)
5. Philadelphia, PA (28,866)

“We also noticed that three of the top 10 cities are relatively small (Augusta, GA, Killeen TX, and Shreveport, LA), but share one thing in common: they are home to relatively large military bases.”

Counting up from 20, here are the ‘top’ cities on the list.

#20 — Birmingham, Al
#19 — Denver, Co
#18 — Columbia, SC
#17 — Washington, DC
#16 — Peoria, IL
#15 — Columbus, GA
#14 — Tallahassee, Fl
#13 — NY (Manhattan), NY
#12 — Fayetteville, NC
#11 — New York (Bronx), NY
#10 — Indianapolis, IN
# 9 — Shreveport, LA
# 8 — Killeen, TX
# 7 — Milwaukee, WI
# 6 — Augusta, GA

And the top five…

The envelope, please…

A whole lotta good all that sex ed in public school has done us, eh?

Aren’t these the sort of numbers we were told it would keep us from seeing? And yet, here we are.

Yet another failed social engineering experiment.