New Polls: Could The Yang Gang Be Making An Unlikely Comeback?

Written by Wes Walker on January 24, 2020

For a contender that had once been all but counted out, Yang just isn’t throwing in the towel yet. Does he still have a shot as a dark horse candidate?

Andrew Yang has been one of the more interesting characters in the Dem 2020 race and failure to make it to the last debate stage doesn’t seem to have hurt his chances as a dark horse contender. If anything he’s making a late push in the polls.

It has even made the trending stories list.


His supporters think he still has a shot, and they’re citing polls to back up their claim.

He’s also in 2nd place after Sanders for the youngest bracket of voters nationally, at 20%. Bernie Sanders holds the lead there at 47, Biden trails with only 14.

What do our readers think about his chances… especially with a few Senators stuck cooling their heels in the Senate doing — well — whatever the hell it is that they think they’re doing in this impeachment circus.