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Stacey Abrams Has Zero Self-Awareness In Her Hilarious Self-Own

You remember Stacy Abrams, don’t you? She’s the one who lost an election by something like 50,000 votes but claimed it was ‘stolen’ from her.

Well, she’s in the news again.

Can you guess why?

She has some ‘thoughts’ on elections.

And she doesn’t particularly approve of the political infighting between Democrats camps that have been bubbling to the surface of late.

Abrams’s Wednesday remarks to a crowd of University of New England students came despite her refusal to concede to Republican governor Brian Kemp and continued insistence that she actually won the race. Abrams struck a different tone when asked about the current 2020 Democratic presidential field.

“We have to stop re-litigating past elections and have to start planning for future elections,” she said, according to an Associated Press report. She called on Democrats to fight voter ID laws and efforts to purge voter rolls.
Source: FreeBacon


And for some reason, she’s becoming the beneficiary of some revisionist history.

Stories about the final count of how many votes she lost by are few and far between. Reports were that she lost by some 50,000 votes or so. But good luck finding those stories in your web searches.

Despite that, outlets like Yahoo are describing the result as one which she ‘narrowly lost’.

Oh, and she has an opinion about those 2020 contenders on the Democrat side.

Abrams likewise struck a neutral tone in the primary, telling students that Democrats had an “extraordinary crop” of candidates, adding that she would be “all in” if asked to help on the campaign trail. She has previously expressed willingness to serve as vice president under any of the Democratic candidates.
Source: FreeBacon

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