Partisan Press: Sen. McSally(R) And Rep. Omar(D) Both ‘Lashed Out’ At The SAME Reporter — Coverage Was VERY Different

Written by K. Walker on January 17, 2020

Can you believe that the Media(D) would treat two politicians completely differently simply because of their party affiliation?

I’m not surprised, either.

On Thursday morning, Manu Raju, CNN’s Senior Congressional Correspondent, caught up with Senator Martha McSally(R-AZ) in a hallway and asked if she would be willing to consider new evidence in the Senate impeachment trial. McSally wasn’t having it. She called Raju a “liberal hack” and refused to speak to him.

Reminder: Manu Raju contributed to the following articles at the height of the “Russian Collusion” madness.

The Media(D) converged to defend one of their own.

First up, CNN reporters jump to Raju’s defense.

Wolf Blitzer spoke to Raju about it on his show, The Situation Room:

The rest of the leftwing Media(D) were quick to follow suit.

Seth Abramson of Newsweek implied that the comment meant that McSally is not the moderate that she was billed to be.

Speaking of the Washington Post, Greg Sargent, called the little altercation a “vile little performance.”

In a perverse way, it’s fitting that this episode is going viral at exactly the moment when President Trump’s impeachment trial is getting underway — that is, when Trump’s defenders in the Senate are set to put on a great show of pretending to give serious consideration to the case against Trump, before voting to acquit him.

McSally’s vile little performance puts the lie to that notion as effectively as anything possibly could.

What happened is that CNN’s Manu Raju, a hard-working reporter, dared to ask McSally whether new information surfacing about the conduct for which Trump has been impeached should lead GOP senators to admit new evidence at his impeachment trial.

McSally snidely brushed off the question and called Raju a “liberal hack.” Raju then tweeted a neutral description of what had happened.

Source: Washington Post

WaPo’s “media watchdog” Erik Wemple (of Tucker Carlson’s Final Exam trophy mug fame) claimed that McSally’s comments were “chilling.”

MSNBC’s justice and security analyst called McSally a “Trump clone” just like all of the other Republicans.

Hillary-friendly NY Times journo, Maggie Haberman, pointed out that Trump-supporters loved it.

Haberman would also be one of those folks shouting “Slay Queen!” if it had been a Democrat calling Peter Doocy of Fox News a “Faux News hack.”

Matthew Chapman of Raw Story is urging people to not vote for McSally.

Eric Boehlert whose Twitter bio reads, “Author. Daily Kos. former staffer at Media Matters. Salon, Rolling Stone and Billboard” also suggests that McSally deserves to be defeated for being rude to a reporter.

CBS News reporter Melissa Quinn posted a card that has been given to Senators with some suggested phrases to help with pushy reporters.

As Mollie Hemmingway pointed out, Raju was the lead reporter in CNN’s “Russian Collusion” Fake News debacle by publishing a story stating that Don Jr. was sent an email on September 4 about a WikiLeaks document dump that was made public on September 13, but CNN got the date wrong. The email to Don Jr. was sent on September 14, the day after the WikiLeaks documents were made public.

Last year, Manu Raju was doing the same schtick, trying to get a comment from a member of Congress. That time it was Rep. Ilhan Omar(D-MN) and she looked at him with incredulity and asked, “What is wrong with you?”

Weird, no Media(D) outrage for that one.

But those on the right have a very different take on the incident.

I don’t recall many of these journalists calling out Senator Bob “I Swear I Thought She Was 18” Menendez(D-NJ) for his much worse behavior towards a Daily Caller reporter asking about the Green New Deal. In case you missed that moment that got buried by the Media(D) gatekeepers, Sen. Menendez threatened to call the police on Henry Rodgers, a Daily Caller intern.

What’s this? Not one but two controversial Democrats treating the press badly and their comrades don’t come rushing to their defense?

Don’t forget that a Canadian reporter queried three members of the Squad about the Antifa protester firebombing of an ICE facility in Washington and they were rather rude. No one in the partisan press called them out for that.

But then, is anyone really surprised at any Media(D) bias anymore?

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