Pelosi Got The Idea To Withhold Articles Of Impeachment From Watching Nixon’s WH Counsel On CNN

Written by K. Walker on January 9, 2020

The Media(D) calls Speaker Pelosi a “master legislator” and now we know why — she gets her ideas from the Media(D).

Despite saying that it was urgent to rush through the House investigation process and quickly vote to impeach the President, Speaker Nancy Pelosi(D-CA) has refused to forward the articles of impeachment unless Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R-KY) agrees to conduct the Senate Impeachment Trial according to her terms.

In an article in Time magazine, Speaker Pelosi admits that she got the idea to withhold the articles of impeachment after watching John Dean discuss the idea on a December 5 episode of Don Lemon’s show on CNN.

Dean was the White House Counsel for Richard Nixon and was involved in the cover-up of the Watergate burglary. He made a plea deal with the Feds and spent just four months in prison for a felony count of obstruction of justice.

The Speaker of the House’s tactical move to withhold the articles of impeachment from the Senate was inspired by a convicted felon who was guilty of obstruction of justice.

On Dec. 17, the night before the full House would debate and vote on Trump’s impeachment, Pelosi met behind closed doors with top caucus members on the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee. She hinted, for the first time, that she was contemplating a curveball: declining to immediately transmit the impeachment articles to the Senate after the House passed them. “The rule empowers the Speaker to be able to decide how to send the articles and when to send the articles over to the Senate,” she said, according to an aide who was in the room. “My view is we don’t know enough about what they are going to do. We want to see what [is] their level of fairness and openness and the rest.”

Pelosi, according to an aide, had been mulling the tactic since she heard former Nixon White House counsel John Dean float the idea on CNN on Dec. 5. In the committee meeting, she added that she believed McConnell would be motivated to move. “Somebody said to me today that he may not even take up what we send. [But] then [Trump] will never be vindicated,” she said, according to the aide in the room. “He will be impeached forever. Forever. No matter what the Senate does.”

Source: Time

Dean appeared on Don Lemon’s show again to crow that Speake Pelosi took his advice.

Today, Speaker Pelosi is doubling down. She says that she isn’t going to move “urgently” on forwarding the articles of impeachment, but is going to move “smartly and strategically.”

She’s saying that she’ll send them to the Senate when she’s ready.


Clearly, this impeachment is a political thing for Speaker Pelosi and it’s really about maligning President Trump for 2020.

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