REPORT: Iran Shot Down Ukrainian Plane With Russian Missile — But The Left Says TRUMP Is The Bad Guy

Written by Wes Walker on January 9, 2020


It’s looking more and more like someone in Iran just murdered 175 people in a passenger aircraft, including children with a missile strike.

But they, as well as Democrats and the Media(D), point their angry fingers

Within hours of Iran firing rockets in the direction of American targets, a plane departing from Iran fell out of the sky in a fiery crash. It was a Ukranian-owned plane filled with foreigners — many of them Canadian.

What an amazing coincidence… right?

Actually, no. The earthquake was a coincidence, the plane getting shot down was not.

If you missed THAT story, we’ve got it here: Iran Launches Rockets Against Two Iraqi Bases Housing U.S. Troops — Country Immediately Goes To Crap

Video has just been released of the plane being shot down: (WARNING)

Who were the victims?

Per the ‘Heavy‘ site: “They included 63 Canadians, 3 British citizens, and 82 Iranians. Some of the passengers were small children.”

Here’s an early look at some of the victims, to put a human face to it:

And a shot of the plane as it was on fire in the air:

Observers have noted that the debris field was large, which would be consistent with a plane breaking up while in the air.

Let’s compare the Iranian story put out today to what Western officials have been saying.

The Iran Story:

The Iranian report suggests that a sudden emergency struck the Boeing 737 operated by Ukrainian International Airlines early on Wednesday morning, when it crashed, just minutes after taking off from Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran.

Investigators from Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization offered no immediate explanation for the disaster, however. Iranian officials initially blamed a technical malfunction for the crash, something initially backed by Ukrainian officials before they said they wouldn’t speculate amid an ongoing investigation. — Source: MilitaryTimes

Here is what the West is saying:

The UK:

Downing Street is urgently looking into “very concerning” reports that the Iran plane crash was caused by an anti-aircraft missile.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said it was vital that a “full and transparent” investigation was carried out into what brought down Ukrainian International Airlines flight 752 with the loss of 176 lives, including three Britons.

It came after Newsweek magazine in the US cited sources in the Pentagon, US Intelligence and Iraqi intelligence as saying the Boeing 737 was hit by an anti-aircraft missile.

It said a Russian-built Tor-M1 surface to air missile, fired accidentally by Iran, was the most likely cause of the disaster.

Ukrainian investigators said they would search the wreckage for missile fragments as they refused to rule out a terror attack as a cause of the crash.
Source: Yahoo


U.S. officials believe the Ukrainian flight that crashed just outside Tehran was struck down by anti-aircraft missiles, according to multiple news outlets.

According to CBS News, U.S. intelligence picked up signals of radar being turned on and infrared blips of two missile launches were detected.

A senior Pentagon official and one U.S. senior intelligence official told Newsweek the Pentagon believes the incident was accidental. They said Iran’s anti-aircraft missiles were likely active following the country’s missile attack on two Iraqi bases housing U.S troops.

When asked about incident at a press conference, President Donald Trump said “I had my suspicions.”

“Somebody could have made a mistake on the other side,” he said. Trump said he personally did not believe it was a mechanical error.
Source: CBS

Iran has NOT indicated a willingness to turn the black box over to anyone else.

So let’s recap what we know so far…

The irony is so thick you could cut it.

What are some of the major stories the Left has been trying to demonize Trump over?

The current one is Iran, portraying Trump as ‘blundering into WWIII’.

Before that was impeachment — which centered on … Ukraine.

And who can forget more than two years of hyperventilating Leftists convinced that Mueller had Trump on the ropes for ‘Russian Collusion’ that would prove Trump was, indeed, Putin’s Puppet.

How ironic is it that the same media that reported all of that, throughout this presidency, with Trump featured consistently as the villain in their stories, have to report the ACTUAL cause of this event killing nearly 200 civilians.

The ACTUAL cause of this event could be summed up in these words:

A Ukrainian airliner shot down by Iranian soldiers with a Russian missile.

It’s gotta be KILLING them to admit that Trump is the one showing statesmanship and restraint here.