Rep McCarthy: Pelosi Stalled Impeachment To Deep-Six Sanders Presidential Bid… AGAIN

Written by Wes Walker on January 13, 2020

Remember how Dems tilted the 2016 primaries in favor of Hillary, and against Bernie Sanders? McCarthy thinks they’re at it again, and using Senate impeachment to make it happen.

There are several senators with 2020 hopes that are going to be S.O.L. for the however long the impeachment process takes to resolve. One of those is Bernie Sanders.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, is NOT a Senator and is not obligated to sit down without his phone for the duration of the process.

Rep McCarthy went on Maria Bartiromo’s show, where he said he does NOT think this is any mere coincidence.

After describing DWS cheating Bernie in 2016, McCarthy is saying Democrats are doing ‘the exact same thing right now.’

The Iowa Caucus is on February 3rd. Bernie Sanders is in first place. And what this does is this benefits Joe Biden. This harms Senator Sanders who is in first place and could become their nominee. Because he will be stuck in a chair, because Nancy Pelosi held the papers different than what she said to the American public why she had to move so urgently.

Maria: So you think that it’s by design that Nancy Pelosi is sending the articles now, slow-walking, really, slow-walking the impeachment trial to have those Senators in the room? That’s collusion. That’s obstruction. Once again keeping Bernie Sanders at bay and clearing the decks for Joe Biden. Is that what you’re saying?

McCarthy: That’s exactly what I’m saying. Remember what the Democratic party actually did this time. They removed the SuperDelegates from the first round of voting because of what they had done to Senator Sanders. Now they don’t have that power had he got to the convention fairly. So what other power does the Speaker have? Remember, when she first started impeachment, I sent her a letter about process. Could we have a fair process, laying out ten questions exact same process we had for Bill Clinton or Richard Nixon? She ignored that and didn’t care about process. Now she tries in hypocrisy to bring up process in the Senate where she has now power? She told the American public it was urgent that she move so fast? The only reason WHY she is doing this and no one’s talking about, it is harming Bernie Sanders, the Senator that has coming into first place, who could win Iowa and propel himself to be the nominee. It’s the exact same thing they did to him 4 years ago.