No Mas: State Governor Says ‘No New Refugees In 2020’

Written by Wes Walker on January 13, 2020

One of Trump’s executive orders gave States the final say on whether they would participate in accepting new refugees. At least one state is ready to stem that tide.

Back in October, Trump put power back in the hands of the State:

Trump’s executive order requires state and local governments to consent in writing before people can arrive, meaning a state could ban refugees even when a city is prepared to welcome them, and vice versa.

That veto power is unprecedented in the history of U.S. refugee resettlements.

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Trump highlighted the change at a Thursday night rally in Minneapolis, blaming Washington for bringing in a large number of Somalis — a remark that prompted many in the crowd to jeer their refugee neighbors.

“You should be able to decide what is best for your own cities and for your own neighborhoods, and that’s what you have the right to do right now,” Trump said as images of Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., who came to the United States from Somalia as a refugee, flashed overhead. “And believe me, no other president would be doing that.”
Source: TexasTribune

Refugee resettlement is one of the slippery ways Democrats have been trying to tilt Red states purple, and purple ones blue.

While 40 states have ‘opted in’ to the refugee resettlement, at least one state is putting their newfound veto power to use.

Gov. Greg Abbott informed the U.S. State Department that Texas will not participate in the refugee resettlement program this fiscal year.

…Abbott said the state and nonprofit organizations should concentrate resources on those already here, according to a letter the governor sent to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“At this time, the state and nonprofit organizations have a responsibility to dedicate available resources to those who are already here, including refugees, migrants, and the homeless—indeed, all Texans,” he wrote.
Source: TexasTribune

This news comes when it has just been announced that a new ‘caravan’ of migrants is hoping to crash the border.



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