SO IT BEGINS: Opening Day On The SENATE Side Of Impeachment — Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on January 16, 2020

Pelosi is no longer running the show. She has passed off to the Senate where Shifty will lead the prosecution, and he will be on a shorter leash than he was in Nancy’s Democrat-controlled House.

With his accustomed theatrics, Adam Schiff(D) entered the well of the Senate and presented the articles against the President. And the Media(D) can be expected to serve as his willing accomplices.

For example…

Shifty fails to mention WHY the White House would object to witnesses appearing before him… namely the fact that Shifty had forbidden White House counsel to be in attendance and object to said witnesses to answering anything that might violate legitimate privilege in EXACTLY the same manner that Shifty himself silenced witnesses when questions veered too close to exposing the Whistleblower whose identity the Google-eyed Pencilneck claimed not to know. This is EXACTLY the sort of question that could have been resolved by an appeal to the courts. But they WANTED to have bogus ‘Obstruction of Congress’ charges to wave against the President because they could be dressed up as the completely unrelated ‘Obstruction of Justice’ charges they WANT to lay at Trump’s feet.

Because what this is REALLY about came out of the mouth of Pelosi herself. They WANT a ‘stain’ on his Presidency since they cannot BEGIN to compare with the crowds he is pulling in, and fear losing yet another election.

The next step was the Chief Justice arriving, taking his place and being sworn in.

After that, he led Congress in taking their oaths, followed by the signing of the oath book.

McConnell stood up, did some of the housekeeping, and sent an official summons to the President before adjourning.

Contrast all of what Schiff and the Democrats have been saying to what Ted Cruz had to say on his way to the Senate.

Buckle up everyone, it’s just getting started.

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