‘The Brink Of Peace?’ Scott Adams Evaluates Trump’s Response To Iran From Another Perspective

Written by Wes Walker on January 6, 2020

All the rhetoric about WWIII aside… Is it possible that the death of Soleimani could be the first step toward establishing a regional peace? Scott Adams explores that possibility.

We at ClashDaily often find Scott’s take on world events fascinating, because they involve some refreshingly out-of-the-box thinking.

And few ideas run more counter to what all the talking heads have been rambling on about than his take on events that are unfolding in Iran and Iraq.

The possibility of a looming war has been discussed again and again. But have you heard much talk about this being a possible path to peace?

We thought not. Here’s Scott in his own words:

And unlike the LAST guy in the Oval Office, Trump is operating from a position of strength.



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