Total Trash: Compare What Conservative And Liberal Groups Did With Their Post-Protest Refuse

Written by Wes Walker on January 20, 2020

Who is it that REALLY cares about leaving their world a cleaner place?

Today was the day for the Pro-2A Protesters to make their voices heard in Richmond Virginia.

And when they were done, they showed their character.

Yes, that’s a clip of those ‘evil conservatives’ picking up their own trash. They even had the foresight to bring garbage bags for the occasion.

That’s what you might expect from a good citizen, right?

How does that compare to the planet-loving morally superior woke scolds on the Left? Surely they did at LEAST as good a job of cleaning up after themselves, right?

Here is the aftermath of the Women’s March over the weekend.

How about ‘environmental’ protests?

(Save that planet, yo!)

I think this next guy meant 48 million ‘pounds’, not ‘tons’.

But we get the idea:

Even the Obama inauguration left a mess:

One hundred tons. That sounds like a lot.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t so long ago that team MAGA organized some massive clean-up efforts in areas of urban blight where trash had piled up for years.

Team MAGA cleaned it up. And the Left?

They were invited to ‘pitch in’.

When they DID show up, it was to protest the folks doing the work.

Imagine our ‘surprise’.

But don’t worry, we can count on all of them to show up again on Earth Day and bitch at the rest of us for being horrible, horrible people.


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