YUGE Crowds At Virginia’s Pro-2A March Are NOT What Media Hacks Predicted

Written by Wes Walker on January 20, 2020

American Citizens are out protesting Gov Northam(D), but the Media(D) are busy demonizing the citizens.

How ironic is it that they are trying to paint Northam’s CRITICS as the racist ones. As though we’re all supposed to pretend that the yearbook photos that conveniently showed up to get us to stop talking about infanticide didn’t show Northham(D) in ‘either’ Blackface or Klan robes.

But he’s concerned that his critics might be ‘racists’. Funny thing how Democrats keep blaming others for the very sins they are best remembered for, isn’t it?

So to hear Democrats tell it (and the media, but we repeat ourselves), the march in Richmond today was supposed to be terrifying, and simply CRAWLING with dangerous white supremacists.

David Hogg was even claiming it wasn’t ‘safe’ to attend, and that ‘the Second Amendment is being used to actively to threaten to kill people, including children.’

That was the rhetoric. What was the reality on the ground?

Well NBC showed us they don’t know the Pledge of Allegiance, even when a crowd recites it:

Hours later, he was shamed into responding to his own tweet.

Even his excuse tells us that he had the choice of two ‘chants’ taken only seconds apart, with video for both… and which one did he want us all to see? Hint: It wasn’t the Pledge.

Canada’s state broadcaster is no better:

A black American man who works part-time at a gun store explained why they were all there.

You can’t help but love that guy!

And the big question — did anyone show up?

Oh HELL yeah they did!

We’ve got video. Spilling onto the streets for at least a block in two directions!

As for the troublemakers? Well, they found one. How did they handle it?

See for yourself:

Concluding thoughts by an observer in attendance:


David Hogg Claims Nazis And White Supremacists Are Heading To Virginia For Pro-Gun Protest